Creating positive change, engaging people.

spice in presence supports people in organizations in realizing change and innovation processes in a way that gets results and engages people.


Whether bright colorful curry or hot chili - spice stands for what is alive, special, distinctive. Besides a specific flavor, spice effectuates that a substance can be processed by an organism in a valuable way. This holds true for a good meal as much as for a change process in an organization, a team or individual development. Just as in cooking, there is no convenience blend that could be relishable and effective in the same way for every situation and system.


is the presence and impact that you unfold as a person, a leader, a team, or a company. At the same time it is about the presence of your existing strengths, values and peculiarities. What is the real essence of you and your organization? Anchored herein, you will lead your change initiatives toward sustainable prosperity.
Understanding coherences, changing perspectives, widening your reach of play. Fitting solutions with real change in real time.

Coaching. Workshops. Process facilitation.


Tailor-made lively change

Our specialty is helping leaders and organizations to take complex issues and have them flourish within their specific environment towards the best possible impact. You can expect up-to-date knowledge, sound expertise and a pragmatic approach. spice in presence offers innovative, down-to-earth concepts that are feasible and - because of their truly speaking to your strengths - easy to implement. Engagement of all involved isn’t a last, almost tedious step after all is done. It is the engine and life throughout the process - it’s your key to success.

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What is your challenge?


...Service Design Excellence

...Employee engagement

...Corporate Health & Performance

...Harness demographic opportunities

...More women in leadership

...Cultivate innovations

...Effectively shaping a new role

...Converging organizational cultures in confidence

...Consistent customer focus

...Sustainable productivity and contentment

...Improve Resiliency

...Learning more, faster, worldwide

...Continuous desirability for talents

...Organizational excellence, success and innovation

...Corporate agility

...Digital Transformation

...Designing future powerfully


  • Enabling transformation - approach the best in people / teams / organizations, achieve a high level of engagement
  • Open courses, in-house workshops (face-to-face, online or hybrid), large group formats
  • Topics: Organizational culture for learning and innovation * Service Design Excellence * Appreciative, strength-based Leadership * Neuroscience for Leaders * Individual and organizational resilience: Health, well-being and effectiveness in successful organizations and teams * Effective communication and cooperation * Attractive organizations - High levels of engagement and satisfaction * Resonant customer relationships


  • Approaching change in a purposeful and courageous way, master challenges, achieve results - and celebrate successes
  • Organizational coaching
  • Coaching of teams
  • Coaching of leaders and employees during role transitions and development
  • Coaching of individuals in phases of change
  • Tailor-made support - face-to-face or on the phone, compact or as an intense process with a broader horizon, appropriate to needs and occasion


  • Consulting services for organizational learning 
(e.g. implementation of e-learning, blended learning, competency or knowledge management, social media in training scenarios)
  • Cooperation in innovation projects as human factors specialist - Human-centered service design means the consistent alignment of services and processes with customers‘ and employees‘ needs

Meet Christina Neuhoff.

The leader of spice in presence

As founder of spice in presence and as a consultant and coach I act on the basis of professional leadership experience of twenty years. Authenticity and a truthful, direct communication at eye-level characterize my work.

I bring creativity and an open mind as well as sharp focus and structure to approach complex challenges. Exploring your or your organization's specific strengths and opportunities, to individually co-create the best solution and process to get there, and to finally see it successfully implemented - that's what inspires me, time and again.

I practice lateral thinking and I see the creative value in paradox and ambivalence. I believe in the transformational potential of humor and I utilize this in my facilitation and coaching work. I‘m fascinated by what makes us human and alive.
Christina Neuhoff - spice in presence
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Narrative Coach Certified Practitioner

In my role as a senior consultant I supported medium- and large-sized enterprises for many years in analysis, implementation and optimization of IT-supported learning and organizational processes (industries: ICT/ Finance / Energy / Trade / Consumer / HealthCare / Public Sector).

My professional background comprises sound process and IT know-how, comprehensive sales and project management experience of complex projects and interdisciplinary, distributed teams as well as management and leadership practice of many years.

I have supported numerous participants in class-room trainings, online courses and communities as a trainer, tutor and facilitator.

Before entering IT industry, I engaged myself within the social sector in an institution of youth welfare for several years.

My own continuous development meeting high quality standards is essential to me.

I‘m internationally and profoundly trained: Narrative CoachTM Certified Practitioner (Moment Institute & WBECS) as well as Narrative Design (Center for Narrative Coaching and Leadership), Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner (Corporation for Positive Change), organization development based on a systemic-analytical approach (oezpa, DBVC-accredited) and I am a trained Co-Active® Coach (The Coaches Training Institute CTI).

I am Certified NeuroTransformational Coach CNTC and ICF Coach Member.

Furthermore I've been engaging in Design Thinking as an effective process for innovation and change for many years.

spice in presence perceives itself as a ’smart grid‘ for organizational culture, learning and development - in the best interest of your achievements.

An international competence network of specialists and partners enables truthful cooperation of high value - flexibly tailored to your needs.

I am Associate Partner of the European Center for Positive Change and


What else you may want to know:

I love to work with people who know how to laugh - at the situation and at themselves.

I find inspiration in photography, jazz, film, writing and art, and also in stimulating dialogue with open-minded people, crossing horizons. My passion is traveling. It's always the best place for me to learn about myself and open up to new perspectives.

My private ‘home base‘ is Cologne, same as for spice in presence.

Your way to spice in presence.


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Phone: +49 (0) 221 5000 671

Think spice

“New knowledge, theories, and inventions have frequently evolved from unusual questions - questions that require persistent reflection, consideration of paradoxical possibilities, and synthesis across diverse disciplines.”

- Diana Whitney & Amanda Trosten-Bloom -

“The continuum of innovation is best thought of as a system of overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps.”

- Tim Brown -

“Fail early to succeed sooner.”

- IDEO -

“Truth is full of humor.”

- Ben Vautier -

“When you start to describe the wholeness of an object a certain something else begins to happen.”

- Anish Kapoor -

“Don‘t give me your problems.”

- Marillion -

“In any case, predictability leads to boredom and boredom leads to the loss of talented people.”

- Tim Brown -

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths - for a purpose or toward a goal - in such a way that weaknesses become irrelevant.”

- Peter Drucker -

“What we choose to study makes a difference. So why not choose to make a positive difference?”

- Diana Whitney -

“Inquiry is intervention.”

- David L. Cooperrider -

“The danger, of course, is that this shortage of useful new ideas eventually leads to a decline in profits, which makes a large company increasingly vulnerable to market volatility”

- Jonah Lehrer -

“The exciting pursuit of solutions to wicked problems will alternate with sober calculation of the business value of solving the problem.”

- Roger Martin -

“The post-heroic manager asks how every problem can be solved in a way that develops other people‘s capacity to handle it. ... These organizations do not work if it is left to only one person. Everyone has to be capable or nothing happens.”

- Charles Handy -

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

- Peter Drucker -

“When I sit down to write, I don't think about writing about an idea or a given message. I just try to write a story which is hard enough.”

- Jumpha Lahiri -

“I hate that word dysfunction.”

- Jonathan Franzen -

“Nurturing spontaneity, creativity, experimentation, and dynamic synchronization is no longer an optional approach to leadership. It‘s the only approach. The current velocity of change demands nothing less. It demands paying attention to the mental models, the cultural beliefs and values, the practices and structures that support improvisation.”

- Frank J. Barrett -

“Ultimately, collaboration is the key to sustained success at any innovative company - no matter how much employees may admire a single figurehead. Ideas are only ideas until a team of people makes them real, profitable, and scalable over the long-term.”

- Doreen Lorenzo -

“The human brain is an amazing organ, capable of continual growth and lifelong adaptation to an ever-changing array of challenges. ”

- Louis Cozolino -

“In other words, too little engagement and too much stress both take us to the same ineffective place. In order to be at our best, we need to be in balance. ”

- Ann Betz -

“Stories give me a sense of center, continuity and coherence.”

- Elif Shafak -

“We've come to believe that the core capacity needed to access the field of the future is presence.”

- Peter Senge & C. Otto Scharmer -

“I am not interested purely in ’functions' but in ways of being, something only living things can have.”

- Iain McGilchrist -

“Beware of the stories you tell yourself - for you will surely be lived by them.”

- William Shakespeare -

“Despite the fact that there is so much attention on the strategic value of innovation, very few organizations know how to make it a reliable and repeatable practice.”

- Vijay Kumar -

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller -

“Resonant leadership is common sense, but - so far - not common practice.”

- Richard E. Boyatzis -